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Re: fuser -km gives shock!!

> On 17 Feb 2007 22:22:32 -0000, debu <debajit_kataki rediffmail com> wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> Warm regards!!!
>> One doubt...
>> The purpose for which i used the command fuser -km /home was served, but
>> at the same
>> time root user also got disconnected showing some pid(e) on the root
>> terminal!!!, wondering
>> how root with home directory /root got the shock or whats the
>> relationship with /home
>> filesystem,  any idea?
> root can be accessing /home regardless of where root's home directory
> is mounted. Perhaps checking which processes you are about to kill
> before killing them would be helpful to avoid such surprises?

The problem is that the man page for fuser, as pertains to the -k option,

An fuser process never kills itself, but may kill other fuser processes.

This appears to be incorrect on both FC5 and FC6...I've tried it on both,
just this morning, and it kills the session/shell running the command as
well as everything else.

Mike Burger

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