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Re: fuser -km gives shock!!

> On 2/18/07, Mike Burger <mburger bubbanfriends org> wrote:
>> > root can be accessing /home regardless of where root's home directory
>> > is mounted. Perhaps checking which processes you are about to kill
>> > before killing them would be helpful to avoid such surprises?
>> The problem is that the man page for fuser, as pertains to the -k
>> option,
>> says:
>> An fuser process never kills itself, but may kill other fuser processes.
>> This appears to be incorrect on both FC5 and FC6...I've tried it on
>> both,
>> just this morning, and it kills the session/shell running the command as
>> well as everything else.
> I'm not really sure if this is a problem. When you kill off a whole
> bunch of root processes it isn't surprising there are some other
> processes caught in the crossfire.
> I'm guessing that /home in these cases is not a filesystem separate
> from / and that is probably the root cause of the problem.

And, were it not for the fact that when I ran it just against /home,
myself, on two systems where I specifically set up /home as a separate
filesystem, and it killed that fuser process and the shell running it, I'd

Mike Burger

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