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Re: Fat fingered the usr dir.

Here's a fun answer :

Step 1) Use rescue disk, and mount /usr drive.  copy the rescue disk
/usr/bin to your /usr/bin.


This should give you a rudimentary /usr/bin which (I think) gives you
at least an ssh client and rsync.  I could be wrong though.

grab a second machine, install your version of centos on it. put it on
the network.  then do rsync -avz newmachineip:/usr/bin/ /usr/bin

If rsync isn't there but ssh is, then do an sftp.

Not sure if that will work, but it would be a fun way to spend the
afternoon :-).


>>> m roth2006 rcn com 02/19/07 2:15 pm >>>
>Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 14:31:47 -0600
>From: "Jim Canfield" <jcanfield tshmail com>  
>Here's a fun one...
>I have a test machine (Centos 4) that I just rm -Rf'd the /usr/bin dir

>(...long story).  What is the best approach to restoring it?

I hope you have a backup....

Mmm, if it's *only* /usr/bin, and you have another machine, why not
just copy the directory and contents over from the other machine? I just
checked, btw, and on RHEL 4, there's /bin/tar, so that works.


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