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Re: System shutdown on boot: software or hardware?

Mureika, Jonas wrote:
Beginning about two weeks ago, I noticed that my Enterprise Server (WS) running on a Dell Dual Processor machine started to spontaneously reboot.  The problem became more frequent, and this morning I discovered that I cannot boot the system to completion.  The machine is still running, but the video signal to the monitor seems to be cut.  I thought this may just be a monitor problem, but I cannot access the machine remotely either.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems?  Does this sound like a software issue that can be fixed with a patch, or a hardware issue?   The machine is almost 3 years old, and has never given me problems in the past.  Any insight would be very much appreciated.


Could be lots of things. Excluding software, I would be looking at hardware - particularity the motherboard and fans.

Fans: Make sure they are running freely and heat sinks are free of dust - this can cause overheating.

Motherboard: Look for swollen or leaking capacitors. This is the #1 indicator of MB failure in my experience. I've seen this a handful of times and very bad things can result if you continue to run (if possible) a machine with bad caps.

Also, run server diagnostics. Many manufacturers allow you to test hardware from boot disk or utility partition.

Good luck.


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