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Re: Max CPUs on RHEL 4 (x86_64 or i686)?

inode0 wrote:
> On 2/20/07, Mike Kearey <mkearey redhat com> wrote:
>> No problem John. Note that there are real differences in the pckages for
>> AS compared to ES.
>> The most significant is that RHEL4 AS has a largesmp kernel specifically
>> optimized for big iron. The ES variant does not have that.
> Every time you open your mouth I learn something new. I glanced at the
> base package lists and didn't see any obvious difference between the
> two. On the not too big iron around here I hadn't noticed any problems
> with using either flavor. How big does the big iron need to be before
> the benefits of the largesmp support kicks in?
> Thanks,
> John

Actions speak louder than words ;)

# rpm -q --queryformat="%{NAME} \n %{DESCRIPTION}" kernel-largesmp

This package includes a version of the Linux kernel configured to handle
up to
64 CPUs on X86-64, 128 CPUs on PPC64 and 512 CPUs on IA-64.

Install the kernel-largesmp package if your machine has more than 8 CPUs on
x86-64, more than 64 CPUs on PPC64, or more than 64 CPUs on
IA-64 [root dogfood


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