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Re: lame server errors in server log

  thanks for ur message
  btw these errors are not a problem ..
  i have 2 dns servers ns1.kmun.gov.kw
  and                         ns2.kmun.gov.kw
  where ns1.kmun.gov => xx.xx.xx.1--- primary
  and  ns2.kmun.gov.kw=> xx.xx.xx.2--- secondary
  and 2 domains
  when i go to www.dnsstuff.com and do name server check on domain kmun.gov.kw it tells me error
  that one or more lame servers are present n gives me the ip xx.xx.xx.2 and also if i do a nslookup with the xx.xx.xx.2 IP i cannot resovle the internet servers but my local servers are resolved.
  really appreciate if u cd help me . and if there is error in my slave dns appreciate if you cd give me some examples.
  thnks and regards

"Gaddis, Jeremy L." <jeremy linuxwiz net> wrote:
  On Tue, 20 Feb 2007, sylvan dacounha wrote:

> I have been noticing lame server errors in my logs..
> i would like to know if these errors are a problem and how to solve them
> if these errors are not a problem and if these are jus notification messages its OK


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