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ftp blues -rh to rh

I have issues with ftp ONLY when ftp'ing between my RH AS4 test server to my RH AS4 production server.

My blues:
1. I have to turn off ipservices on BOTH machines to ftp between them. I can ftp with iptables on to/from any of my W2K servers or XP desktops or a old SCO Unix box. If I don't turn off both iptables I get the dreaded "no route to host" ONLY between the rh boxes.

2. I must turn passive off or I get the message "Passive mode refused" when trying to transfer files. Again, only necessary when going RH to RH.

3. Ftp'ing times out on large files. Again, the same files will transfer without timing out to W2K server, xp desktop or SCO box. But the transfer times out between the RH boxes with an error 421. I have tried adjusting the vsftpd.conf
which is MUCH longer than necessary to transfer the files in question.

Any suggestions so I can stop singing the ftp blues?


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