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RE: Changes to allow for Daylight Saving Time - UK 2007

This faq is for redhat 4, however there is a faq also for redhat 3;
http://kbase.redhat.com/faq/FAQ_85_9951 both rpm's for both versions of
redhat have to patched 


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Subject: Changes to allow for Daylight Saving Time - UK 2007

I am currently trying to determine whether i need to make any changes to
Redhat Version 3 ES and WS machines to allow for DST in march 2007. I
heard that the States and Canada have changed there dates/times for DST
as far as I know the UK is to be unchanged.

Could someone confirm this either way?

P.s My Linux machines have coped with DST for the last few years with no
issues at all.


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