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Re: /bin/kill

Steve Buehler wrote:
At 11:04 AM 2/22/2007, you wrote:
On 2/22/07, Steve Buehler <steve ibushost com> wrote:
I have a corrupt /bin/kill command and would like to replace it, but
can't find the rpm that I need to reinstall.  I downloaded the latest
coreutils rpm and forced and install with that, but that didn't do
it. Can somebody lead me into the right direction? I am running RHEL AS 4.4

# rpm -qf /bin/kill

Thank you and all that replied. After forcing an install of the rpm that I got from redhat, I now have 6 files that rkhunter reports as bad.

Any ideas? Is there something I did wrong or something I need to do with rkhunter? The only one reported bad before I did this was the /bin/kill. I installed the rpm by:
rpm -ivh --force util-linux-2.12a-16.EL4.20.i386.rpm


I'd worry about being rootkited or having faulty hardware. With emphasis on the second.
Check your RAM. I'd bet there lies the problem.

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