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Re: Acceptable to create a local rpm mirror?

We've purchased a proxy license from Redhat to do updates. It's much less $$ than the satellite license, and does what we need. Though we are still considering purchase of a satellite license for additional flexibility. HTH.

Chris St. Pierre wrote:
In order to more closely control software versioning, updates,
testing, etc., we'd like to create a local mirror of the RHN RPM
database.  I know that Redhat really _prefers_ to sell you their
$bignum satellite server to do this, but is it against my licensing
agreement to snag all of the RPMs from RHN and then redistribute them
locally to other RHEL machines with valid licenses?  (I'm not trying
to circumvent the provisioning here; we'd still buy update licenses
for the machines getting updates.)


Chris St. Pierre
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Nebraska Wesleyan University
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