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Re: Linux route question

More information may help.
such as what do you mean by download traffic. Do you mean a entire internet
access of your LAN users?
What do mean by VPN here? Is it a corporate users doing VPN from external
network ? or a VPN tunnels from LAN to external network?


On 2/23/07, nilesh vaghela <nileshj vaghela gmail com> wrote:

Dear all,

I configured a linux as router which connect two different internet
( ISP1  and ISP2).
then three more interface connected to one server zone and two different
local area network.

I am trying that all download traffic should be from ISP2. and ISP1 is
dedicated link for VPN.

How to achieve this.

Thanx in advance.

Nilesh Vaghela
Redhat Channel Partner and Training Partner
74, Nalanda Complex, Satellite Rd, Ahmedabad
25, The Emperor, Fatehgunj, Baroda.
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