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Re: Searching child OU's for authentication

The example does not accomplish what the OP describes, as it is limited to the Users OU. The goal here is to be able to point the Apache config at a Domain Controller and have it search ALL OUs and right now there is a seeming limitation on a single top-level OU -- although any user object within that top-level OU will work.

Joshua M. Miller, RHCE

Gaddis, Jeremy L. wrote:
On Mon, 26 Feb 2007, Bliss, Aaron wrote:

I have a quick question on apache configuration when attempting to
authenticate against Active Directory; the following configuration works
great for users that are in the Test OU, however it doesn't seem to work
for users that are in an OU below the Test OU; is there any way to
configure apache to search recursively in the AD ldap domain until it
finds and answer?  Thanks very much for your help.

The example I posted at

still works for me, over two years later (it's been used in production since then).


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