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Apache CheckSpelling

Yes, I know that this is not the right place for Apache 2.2 questions.

I went to the apache web site and looked up the CheckSpelling directive.
It hasn't changed since 1.3, which is where I am currently using it.
I'm bringing up Apache 2.2 under Fedora Core 6 and it looks like the
directive should go in the same place where I had it in the config file
for 1.3.  Nope didn't work.  Tried it in the VirtualHost area and that
didn't help any.

Anyway, I went to the Apache mailing list page and it said that this was
the place for users to help other users, but there wasn't a general help
mail list even mentioned at all to which one can subscribe for help.

Anyone know the name of the general discussion mail list for Apache?

I'll go there to get help.


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