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Re: Did yum hose my FC6?

On 27/12/06, Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

> Yep, it is a damn long list.  I thought that yum was supposed to resolve all
> dependency conflicts?  :-(   Quickly glancing at the list, it looks like the
> conflict is between lesstif-devel-0.95.0-10.fc6 and openmotif-devel-2.2.3-2.
> So, now what?

If you look at base and extras repositories, you'll see there's no
openmotif anymore.  Probably got replaced by lesstif?  And lesstif is
in extras, it is not base package.  It's probably a bug in how lesstif
was packaged (it should have caused openmotif to be removed, I guess,
if it is replacement for it, which I haven't checked).

Yes, it's a packaging bug that violates the upgrade path from old
releases of Fedora Core. There are no Obsoletes/Provides tags in the
package. Check out the package %changelog to find out that after they
had been present for some time they have been dropped from the package
without an explanation. Instead, the lesstif packages have had an
explicit Conflict with openmotif, see bug

The sudden switch from openmotif to lesstif has been controversial altogether.

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