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Re: Need a script to update directories

Burke, Thomas G. wrote:
Hey all,

	Background:  I do all my web page work in a personal directory
so as not to FUBAR the real web pages.  Problem is keeping the two

	I have thrown together a simple "copy script" that runs as part
of my nightly cron job - it copies *everything* from my working
directory to the actual web directory every night.  These are both on
the same machine, so access is not a problem.

	Problem:  Copying everything is slow and, generally, painful.
There's a couple 100 meg of data there.  I'm looking for a script to
update the web directory with newer/missing files.  I don't mind at all
if some stuff stays there, a true sync isn't necessary.  I just need to
get all the new content pushed to the appropriate place.

Hey there,

I'd recommend using rsync for the job. Does a great job in only updating the portions of the data that have actually changed. Also does a bit of compression on the data transfered. It's easy to configure as well. Just do a quick man rsync. Good luck.

Jeff Hogg

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