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Re: Oracle

Larry D Sorensen wrote:
> I know that this is not the forum for Oracle, but I have a simple
> question. I am fairly new to Oracle. I am told that to do a tape backup
> of a database, I have to mount a tape drive. I have never had to mount a
> tape drive before. What is involved in mounting a tape drive for use by
> Oracle backup (rman)?

I've never backed up Oracle database directly (always using some other
backup software with Oracle modules).  I'll give you some generic
answer.  It is not Oracle specific.  It will either point you in right
direction, or in totally wrong direction ;-)

Usually when backup software refers to "mounting the tape", it's just
the process of getting the "right" tape into the drive.  Usually you
would "label" the tape first.  The label is just a file stored on the
beginning of the tape that identifies that particular tape to the backup
software.  The label is usually written out by the backup software.
There's no generic command to "label" the tape.  When you "mount" the
tape from within your backup software, it will simply read this label to
verify you inserted correct tape.  For example the backup software
requests that you insert tape "Incrementals-00132".  When you insert the
tape and issue mount command, it will read the label to check that the
tape is indeed "Incrementals-00132".

Exact commands to "label" and "mount" tapes depend on backup solution
you are using.  Sometimes there's both GUI and CLI to perform the task
(for example in Legato Networker).  Sometimes all you have is CLI (for
example in Amanda or Bacula).

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