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Re: redhat-config-packages

Server doesn't have a CD-DRIVE need to connect an external one to install pkg with dependencies.

Also to overcome manual intervention to swap CD's.


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Sent: Wednesday, January 3, 2007 5:06:09 PM
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On 1/3/07, Rajesh kanna <tr_rajeshkanna yahoo com> wrote:
>    I am facing isssue with installing packages using
> redhat-config-packages. I saw in some forum to set display as 1600x1200. But
> still problem persists.
>    #rredhat-config-packages --isodir=/test
> where /test contains redhat-as-disk3.iso
Is there any particular reason you want to install like this ? Using r-c-p
and then mounting the required disk might be a nicer option
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