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rsh and rcp issues between AS4 and old AIX

I have an old AIX box running some proprietary software where I must use rsh server <command> to sync data between the two boxes. Ssh is not option for me. The AIX box does not have Kerbos installed.

rsh and rcp are working fine between AIX and an old SCO box which the RH box is replacing.

I have turned off iptables until for troubleshooting, but not selinux because various software would have to be re-branded/registered when selinux renames the system.

I can /usr/bin/rsh remote_server just fine between both directions on the AIX and RH box.

However, /usr/bin/rsh remote_server <command> fails with remote_server:Connection timed out error. This is also true with rcp.

linux box is
Linux myhost.my.com 2.6.9-42.0.3.ELsmp #1 SMP Mon Sep 25 17:24:31 EDT 2006 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

AIX is AIX 4.3

I really need to get this working, can any one help?

thank you
Buddy Jennings

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