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Re: /dev/sda1 is not a valid block device

On 09Jan2007 21:44, Andy Allen <andy allen virgin net> wrote:
| > Sounds to me like the flash drive is being seen on something other than 
| > /dev/sda.  Have you tried /dev/sdc or sdd?  I've seen this happen a 
| > couple of times with mine, but haven't found a way to force it to one 
| > devince name.
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| > Mark Haney

I believe that in principle you can write a UDEV rule to make a symlink
of consistent name for specific devices.You might track the UUID for
per-device tracking or some kind of class for generic "I just plugged in
a thumb drive" stuff.

Disclaimer: I'm not a udev guru and cannot write such a rule for you,
but I've seen examples in udev tutorials.

Maybe these days there's some handy tool to auto-roll a udev rule..
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