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Cluster problem

I had posted a question regarding cluster sometime back:


Dear All,
Our company has developed a php based campaign management system. It uses
swift mail for the campaign mailing. Swift mail invokes sendmail to send
emails. I wish to integrate this mail sending on cluster. I have installed
OSCAR cluster application on my server with 7 nodes. cluster is working
how can i make this php application work on my cluster so that it shares the
load of sending out emails. help needed urgently.

John had replied :

To answer the original question, you usually write a submit script, which
could look something like:

#PBS -N job_name
#PBS -j oe


and save in a file called, say serial.sh and then
qsub serial.sh

at which point the job is submitted to the pbs_server, actually torque on
oscar 4.2.



The problem is, I am not able to run a php application on the cluster. i
created job as per you told me, but it doesnt seem to work. can you help me


i do a qsub my.sh


my.sh contains:


#PBS -l walltime=1:00:00
#PBS -l mem=400mb



1.sh contains:


php -f class.mailingCron.php




this class.mailingCron.php invokes sendmail program and would start sending
mails. this would run perfectly on cluster master if i type this command on
bash prompt: php -f class.mailingCron.php 


but it doesnt work when submitted to qsub. even though it tells me job
number no response from sendmail. 


sendmail , php exists on each node of cluster. If you need any further
information, kindly ask me. 

With warm regards,


Life is a journey...not a destination. Enjoy the trip!

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