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Re: Redhat Ent4 U4 Install issue

Not putting too fine a point on it - you would be entitled to Customer
Support - raise a ticket please with the Support Center

Lazy guess might be that turning off apic would help

On 1/17/07, Bipin Baghele <BaghelB wyeth com> wrote:

I am trying to install Redhat Ent4 U4 on HP Proliant BL35p G1 blade
server. The install worked well on other 6 servers (with same hardware, OS,
BIOS settings) but one is giving problem. The install process breaks
somewhere randomly between 60% to 75% install range with message "Disabling
IRQ #169" and system hangs their.
I tried acpi=off switch also at install time but same error.
Any other clue.

Bipin Baghele
Unix/Linux Technology
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