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Re: installer gui

Well, keeping in mind that I hate yast :-), you want to use the command
line rpm program.  

man rpm if you really want to put yourself through pain and anguish
(second only to the tar man page)
or, in short : 

rpm -ihv <packagenames>   

Upgrading : 
rpm -U <packagenames>

Removing :
rpm -e <packagenames>

Here packagenames can be either foobar-1.0.rpm  or...my favourite, move
all the packages you are installing/upgrading to a subdirectory 
and just do rpm -ihv *.rpm  

rpm -ihv foobar-1.rpm foobar-2.rpm jabba-1.3.rpm duhutt=1.3.rpm   

would also work.

If you are getting your packages right from the Redhat site,and you are
registered with RHN, you could always just use up2date.

Hope this helps.


>>> David Bear <David Bear asu edu> 01/19/07 2:15 pm >>>
Sorry to be so dense but I've spent 4 years away from red hat using
suse. Is there something similar to yast in red hat that I can use to
install additional packages? 
David Bear
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