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Re: sendmail (Junk Mail)

I did finally get the spamassassin going, however, it looks somewhat useless to me. It seems all it dose is tag email on the subject line with the word SPAM. We already know its spam we don't need it to tell us that, we need it to drop it in a black hole.

Especially when using a fake email in the from header. I tried testing it from the telnet prompt and manually feed bogus mail headers. Ironically sendmail took both the to and from bogus headers. Sendmail did kick it out if I used a bogus domain.

How do you tell sendmail not to except connections for bogus incoming email. I would have sendmail.org would have thought of this the same way they did of requiring a valid domain name.

Robert Canary wrote:
I have been looking at the spamassassin for about two days now. I know the solution has somethin to do with spamc which interfaces with spamd. But I still haven't seen how to get snedmail to use spamc. The filter documentation talks about "milters". So how do yo activate the spamc

Lord of Gore wrote:
Robert Canary wrote:
Our administrator boxes get flooded with emails from spammers who are still sending massive emails to address that do not exist. Of course sendmail sends a response back to the from header saying the account dosen't exist. However, the sendmail server is getting those responses bounced back to them because these are junk emails with no real return address. As a result the undeliverable mail gets sent to "postmaster". Thus the "postmaster" email is a hoard mess of junk email bounced replies.

How is being handled ?


Install spamassassin and reject spams. also configure SPF. This should solve your problems.

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