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RE: Email IP Address

Not to start a flame war, here, but isn't a pissy response like this
also a waste of bandwidth?  Come on, maybe the guy's new?  Shit, I have
reporting tools that tell me the originating IP's of certain things
(e.g. malformed messages or control commands), and I have no idea how
they got them. 

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Rizwan Khan wrote:
> Hello
> I wanted to check the IP address of every email that i am receiving, 
> is there any standard way of getting IP adress of incoming emails.
> Thanks in advance
Another mail that I consider waste of bandwidth just because someone is
lazy enough to think that we are mind readers...
emails don't have ip addresses. tcp/ip packets do. maybe you' like to
tell us exactly what you want to find out.
sender's domain mx? originating smtp server?

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