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Re: OpenSource Change Management System?

On 1/23/07, mark <mroth cfl rr com> wrote:

Have you even *looked*, or do you expect everything to be handed to you?
Do you even know anything about change management?




My apologies, I wasn't very clear in my question.  Yes I have done
some google searching, and found some commercial products, but nothing
open source.

I'm not exactly looking for CVS.  By change management I didn't mean
software code change management.   I meant just keeping a log of
changes people make to the operating system or applications on a
server.   We're a small shop, but do have a few admins that all make
changes to a system.  Currently we just send e-mails documentating any
changes we make (i.e. updated package X to version X, changed
interface X to 100/Full forced, etc, etc).  I was hoping there might
be a tool that would be web based, and keep logs of changes, recording
who made the change, why the change was made, the systems it impacted,

Some commercial products I found were:
SunView http://www.sunviewsoftware.com/products/cg.aspx and
BMC Change Management Express

I was hoping to find lighter, open source alternatives.


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