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Re: OpenSource Change Management System?

From: Shane Presley <shane presley gmail com>
Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 8:13 am

> On 1/23/07, mark <mroth cfl rr com> wrote:
> >
> > Have you even *looked*, or do you expect everything to be handed 
> to you?
> > Do you even know anything about change management?
> >
> > RTFM!!!
> >
> > CVS
> > Subversion
> >
> My apologies, I wasn't very clear in my question.  Yes I have done
> some google searching, and found some commercial products, but nothing
> open source.
> I'm not exactly looking for CVS.  By change management I didn't mean
> software code change management.   I meant just keeping a log of
> changes people make to the operating system or applications on a
> server.   We're a small shop, but do have a few admins that all make

Ok, now I understand what you're saying. Actually, you really *should*
keep those changes in a version control system (not that we do that here
<g>). However, what might work better for you is a trouble ticket
system. We've put one into place here, after trying several. The one
that was, um, "easiest" (for small values of easy), and that we finally
went with, was Mantis.

Note: if you do, and use MySQL with it, and PHP, if you're not on PHP5,
or maybe even if you are, you need to make the password for the Mantis
account "PASSWD=OLDPASSWD" - MySQL uses a newer, longer encrypted
password, and Mantis/PHP only does the shorter, older version....

      mark "gotcha!"

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