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Re: Email IP Address

Amit Mohan wrote:
I read your response and while I agree somewhat with your views I beg to differ in many of your other views. What's the basic purpose of this listserv is ?
The purpose isn't spoon feeding, question guessing and improving time to delete emails for sure.
In my opinion it is to help folks who can't solve a particular problem and need some guidance.
The only time you are right in this e-mail. These folks can't get help sooner because somebody asks silly questions.
Just because their communication
skills are not as good as yours it doesn't mean you can take whole day's worth of your own grouchiness
yeah, right. you are really insightful. You are a few thousand miles away and yet you found out why I send these mean e-mails. I think that's why they call you mr FixIt. It's like you know me inside out. Brrrr. Of course stupid people like me would call it "Progress through Criticism" but there is a reason why people like you exist and that is to include us in their patterns.
on the poor person. Not everyone
in the world speak English but they still can have valid questions and problems.
And what might those be? What is the e-mail address of an e-mail? While at it let's call my grandma and let her share with you a few cooking recipes. You with your infinite consideration and respect could find out when to mix hashed pork meat with rice spaghetti and what the final product might be called.

Maybe you know more than everyone else on this listserv
I'm sure I don't.
but if you wanted you could have used that knowledge and immediately understood
what was the question all about?
The question had two possible answers. I pinpointed them in my first reply. If you would have bothered to check that mail (not to say that you didn't read carefully my last post) you'd find out what might those be.
But instead you chose to challenge the question. Maybe with knowledge/authority there is some arrogance associated
always ?
No there isn't. The only things associated with my knowledge/authority are poor outside MAN bandwidth, big internet connection bill (thing that you probably don't pay) and black pouches under my eyes that got there by searching google to document my questions and reading those documents before asking stupid things. And if we are at the psychology part maybe you will allow me to share with you the fact that you feel so wronged about my e-mail probably because you associated with it some identical habits of your own? Laziness, not willing to read and instead wanting an solution from somebody else, never willing to assume responsibilities? The perfect description for the manager... Anyway this is my last reply on this thread. If you can't understand that we are wasting a lot of bandwidth and resources - and this is probably because your mama didn't bought redhat's servers - I can't really do anything more for you in this matter. And one more thing about the waste: do you know how many sites are mirroring redhat's archive? Find that out and multiply 10MB with that number.

P.S. and please let the psychology and philosophy to someone who understands them.

Lord of Gore wrote:
Burke, Thomas G. wrote:
Not to start a flame war,
You did :)
If you were really concerned about this you would have sent me a private message. I do from time to time. You can even ask for my YM id if you want to hate me in real-time. But this obliges me to make a public point of view.
here, but isn't a pissy response like this
also a waste of bandwidth?
No it's not because it will make a future economy of bandwidth when this guy and others will think twice before asking a dumb question like that one. You on the other hand, unfortunately, do not see this from a realistic point of view. Consider the fact that such an e-mail needs a reply to ask for a better description of the problem. That reply will be replied by another e-mail containing more or less pertinent info on the matter. Maybe someone thinks of a specific problem, sends a reply to the first mail and receives one about not resolving the real problem. We have now how many e-mails that didn't really solved the problem? I'll tell you: five. say the medium size of the e-mails is 2KB. Multiply with 5 e-mails and with 1000 subscribers and you'll have a 10MB useless communication. Waste enough for you?
Come on, maybe the guy's new?
No. I told you, he's lazy. Or he sucks at communication skills. Either way redhat-list is not guilty for this. If you are his advocate then tell me what he meant when he said "IP address of every email" and why you are 100% he meant it. Responses below 100% degree of certitude are not taken in account because this incertitude will generate mail replies with at least twice the size.
  Shit, I have
reporting tools that tell me the originating IP's of certain things
(e.g. malformed messages or control commands), and I have no idea how
they got them.
Then you should uninstall them. I am not complaining about the whole e-mail IP thing but about the fact that an e-mail's envelope contains many info that could be probed for an IP address. Therefore the mention about the mind reading. Maybe you have a crystal ball but I broke mine while trying to unleash the hidden powers of micro$oft wi(n)dow$. The damn thing resigned and imploded. Said it was overworked and overqualified for the job.

For others that have itchy hands/fingers: Yes, this e-mail *is* contained in the waste of bandwidth type of communication. :) . The only excuse is that I had to stand up and defend my point of view. 10q for your patience.
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Rizwan Khan wrote:

I wanted to check the IP address of every email that i am receiving, is there any standard way of getting IP adress of incoming emails.

Thanks in advance
Another mail that I consider waste of bandwidth just because someone is
lazy enough to think that we are mind readers...
emails don't have ip addresses. tcp/ip packets do. maybe you' like to
tell us exactly what you want to find out.
sender's domain mx? originating smtp server?

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