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Re: Email IP Address

Gore - been tied to my PDA for days on travel, and have been itching to
reply to this - as I see our fellows have been....now, can we put an end to
this please?? You were in the wrong dude, fess up, apologize to the dude and
let the community as a whole move on.

This listserv (and others) are for newbies and professionals alike, it's
where we ask questions for issues that we're not familiar with, unsure of,
or troubleshooting....

You shouldn't have blasted that guy like you did....he was reaching
out.....AS WE ALL HAVE at some point or another....Your assumption is that
everyone who is on the list is a pro at this......um, weren't you a newbie
once???? I mean, come on dude - in the WindBlow$ arena I'm a Guru, but in
the Linux world I've used it for a few years now and by no stretch of the
imagination am I on the same level I am in the WindBlow$ world and have to
ask a question or two here from time to time. So, please do us all a favor
and let's use this like it was meant to be used. Thanks... and by the way,
this/my response may sound negative but it's really not meant to be -
perhaps you really don't think you were wrong there.

/==========The One===========\
Active member "170 MPH Club"
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer/WebMaster/Web Developer
"...not all super heroes wear a cape...some ride a Suzuki GSX1300R..."

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