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Re: sendmail (Junk Mail)

Mike Klinke wrote:
One method uses the "access" file by
first rejecting all mail for a domain and then listing the execeptions:

exDomain.com             REJECT
validUser1 exDomain com OK
 validUser2 exDomain com      OK

I have also seen examples of the virtual user table used in a similar fashion.

Regards, Mike Klinke

Talking about sendmail.
I have a gateway smtp that will route all emails to internal mail server.
In mailertable I have an entry
mydomain.com   smtp:internal.mydomain.com

Previously we accept all the emails, valid or not. Only reject a few.
nouser1 mydomain com	REJECT
nouser2 mydomain com	REJECT
mydomain.com		RELAY

Now I want to change it so we can only accept only valid users by following the above method.
mydomain.com		REJECT
user1 mydomain com	OK
user2 mydomain com	OK

It works, but now I see in the log that there are so many Relaying denied entries. Is that normal? Or I made some mistake.

Best Regards

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