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Re: RHEL4 has no kernel-source rpm?????

Yeap I found them thanks.

15 machines and last one was a RHL7.5

Put on two new servers and used RHEL4. wow...what a wake call. very different than what it used to be :-) I feel like I am totally back at square one on the learning curve, so many things are so different.

stronswan will not rpmbuild on RHEL4.1, in fact RHEL is missing one module xfrm_user. I am going to try it anyway and see if it fails to work. It compiled fine, but it won't rpmbuild. there is switch you can use to tell it to use a certain kernel version, however, I changed the makefile to search for kernel-devel instead of kernel-source.

Robert Canary wrote:
I donwloaded the strongswan and was attempting build the rpm file from the bz2 file. rpmbuild -tb strongswan.bz2

However, the build is looking for the kernel build files. I did a scan for the kernel-source (rpm -qa | egrep"kernel") but is wasn't installed. I did a "up2date kernel-source" on my RHEL4.1 and dosen't exist.

Were dose one get the kernel-source for the RHEL4 kernels if one needs to recompile it and repackage it?


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