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RE: RHEL4 - permissions/groups and Samba

Hope this helps:

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Subject: RHEL4 - permissions/groups and Samba

I have multiple users editing documents in the www/html folder.  I set
up a group called web_admin that contains said users.  All of the files
under the web root are owned by my local account and the group is
web_admin.  We are using Samba to connect to the box.  The problem is as

I have a file:


-rwxrwxr-x  1 nilesn   web_admin  977 Jan 25 06:52 menu.css


When a user (davisjar) edits that file via Samba, the
permissions/owner/group change to this:


-rwxr--r--  1 davisjar davisjar   977 Jan 25 10:47 menu.css


Of couse I need the permissions and owner/group to stay the same.  Is
this a problem with Samba, i.e. some config option, or something else?




Jared Davis


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