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RE: Fedora 6 Advice

One distribution that seems interesting (I am not sure if it will serve your
purpose) is SME server at 

I have not tried it, but from what I have read it seems to have most of the
functionality of a server. It might not be exactly what you need but it
might be a good learning platform to see how things are done and set up.

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From: Derek Manson [mailto:dmanson avotive com] 
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Subject: Fedora 6 Advice

Good morning everyone,

I am seeking some advice on how to move forward with our plans to
integrate Fedora 6 into our network. We are a small town ISP currently
running in an all Windows network. Moving into this new year we are
discovering that our costs to run this type of network is getting very
costly. We are looking to move our entire services to Linux and preferably
Fedora. I have done a bit here and there with Fedora 5 and 6, however, not
to this large of scale. My question is how and where should I be looking
to get a really good understanding of how to operate in Fedora 6? We are
needing to setup a Fedora an email and web solution rather soon. I have
read a number of tutorials, forums and even some published books, I just
need a bit more. Any suggestions?

Derek M.

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