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Re: password protected zip archive

Hi Rizwan

From checking the man page of zip(1) , I don't think you'll be able to get
AES with the standard package. If you must use zip, I would look at this:




On 1/26/07, Rizwan Khan <rizwaan gmail com> wrote:

I am creating a password protected zip archive, by using this command:
zip -P test12 zip_file doc_file.doc
This command will archive the Word file doc_file.doc in the zip file
zip_file.zip and encrypt the Word file with the password "test12":
The only problem with this command is that it uses Standard Zip 2.0
encryption, while i need 256-bit AES encryption (Rijndael). I know how
to do Rijndael encryption, but i need to know how i can tell this
command about this.
Is there any way to do this job,

Muhammad R!zwän Khän

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