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Re: Fedora Core 6 & mod_ntlm

Joshua Miller wrote:
How would LDAP solve this problem? LDAP is a data store, while mod_ntlm is an authentication module...

Josh, RHCE

Lord of Gore wrote:
Stephen Gilbert wrote:
I'm trying to replace our company's IIS server with Apache on Linux. There is one feature that my users tell me they simply have to have, and that is single-sign-on authentication of web apps. I've looked around and find this is accomplished with Apache using winbind and mod_ntlm. I've got winbind working, no problem. I can authenticate users on my linux box with our PDC, however I'm having problems getting mod_ntlm to compile.
What about trying ldap?

By using ladp authentication... :) A quick search on google gave me this link:

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