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RE: Crontab question

I found the solution, it is a known bug:

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	From: KRASTEV Zdravko 
	Sent: Monday 29 January 2007 14:54
	To: 'redhat-list redhat com'
	Subject: Crontab question
	Dear list,
	I'm trying to adapt some HP-UX scripts for Linux RH AS 3.
	In some scripts we are automatically generating user's crontab
files using the syntax:
	crontab <filename>
	It seems that there is a limitation for the length of the
<filename>. Crontab ignores everything longer that 100 chars. (tried
with bash and ksh - no difference) with error: File not found.
	The cron RPM is vixie-cron-3.0.1-75.1
	Does someone know how to solve this issue? Am I doing something
	Thanks in advance


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