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Re: Fedora 6 Advice

One issue I have had with RHEL 4.x is closely related with VMware
Server -- RHEL does not seem to make a great platform for this.
Despite a lot of help from RH tech support, I have problems with
memory and swap, and in particular the 'OOM' out-of-memory killer.
Basically, in our case we have a RHEL 4.4 box with 14 GiB of main
memory and 10 GiB of swap; inside VMware Server is configured to have
12 GiB, configured with the potential to use swap when necessary.  For
some reason, even when I set the kernel parameter to change/disable
the OOM killer behavior, it will still pop up at random times select a
process to terminate which is using the most memory. Generally, swap
is always %0 utilized when this happens. I have to be fair and say
that I *hate* the OOM killer, and that one single feature put a lot of
distrust between me and the RHEL kernel. Even after forcing the
feature off, it will still be triggered sometimes even when their is
still free memory and plenty of swap.

A second feature which I don't like about RHEL is that the syslog
daemon is permanently configured for event suppression -- meaning that
if a certain event repeats a certain number of times, syslog will
print out a message like: 'message repeated' -- and you can't disable
this behavior. it is all fine and good, except when you are trying to
get very accurate statistics from your syslog daemon, say for an IDS.
I talked to RH tech support about this, and they said that suppression
is there to protect your log file size, and that you can't disable it.

I know it is two small details, but in both cases they have been a
hindrance to the reason we chose RedHat as a platform in the first
place (stability, flexibility)

Other than that, RHEL has generally been very reliable, and I prefer
their network configuration structure to Ubuntu.


On 1/26/07, Gaddis, Jeremy L. <jeremy linuxwiz net> wrote:
On 1/26/07, Lord of Gore <lordofgore logsoftgrup ro> wrote:
> katsumi liquer wrote:
> > and the installer is very intelligent. Their are cases where I think
> > CentOS/RHEL is better, but I have been let down by the redhat
> > architecture a
> > few times lately.

> No rock at all but tell us about letting down, I am interested when it
> failed you, maybe we'll avoid such problems.

Agreed.  I'd be interested in hearing about your let downs as well.  I
have a number of RHEL server at $work that I've been managing without
any issues as well a number of CentOS servers at customer sites that
haven't experienced any issues.

Jeremy L. Gaddis, MCP, GCWN

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