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Thanks for the info -- for some reason I kept on checking out 'ntpd'
thinking it was the most likely candidate for a service, but it
doesn't appear to be.. but on the other hand, /etc/ntp.conf definitely
has parameters for listening and offering up it's time -- it looks
like what I want.

Thanks again,


On 1/29/07, mark <mroth cfl rr com> wrote:
katsumi liquer wrote:
 > Hello everyone,
 > Does anyone here run an NTP time server on RHEL? What is the preferred
 > implementation? Is their one which is somehow a part of a standard
 > package I can't find? Obviously I found ntpd, but it seems like that
 > is only used for setting the time on the local server, not for

I believe it does both. On the other hand, make sure that you have
neither a firewall, nor a proxy server, that's blocking the ntp ports.


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