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RE: NTP time server?


Ndpd does both, but it is not configured to act as a time server by default.

Under the CLIENT NETWORK section of the default /etc/ntp.conf file add a
restrict directive that defines your local network (mine is
as follows:

# -- CLIENT NETWORK -------
# Permit systems on this network to synchronize with this
# time service.  Do not permit those systems to modify the
# configuration of this service.  Also, do not use those
# systems as peers for synchronization.
# restrict mask nomodify notrap
restrict mask nomodify notrap


PS:  If that doesn't work, drop me a note, I'll send my whole file.

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From: katsumi liquer [mailto:katsumi gmail com] 
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Subject: NTP time server?

Hello everyone,

I have a question -- before I ask, let me just state that I have been
trying hard to find an answer but as of yet have not found one ;)

Does anyone here run an NTP time server on RHEL? What is the preferred
implementation? Is their one which is somehow a part of a standard
package I can't find? Obviously I found ntpd, but it seems like that
is only used for setting the time on the local server, not for
providing a service. I am playing with compiling OpenNTPD, but before
I go to crazy with that I just wanted to make sure I am not missing a
better built-in RHEL package.

Thank you very much,


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