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Re: Fedora 6 Advice

katsumi liquer wrote:
Hi Mike,

Wow -- that is cool!! I have not heard of that parameter before. I
think I could probably use that -- if I set the rate limit high
enough, perhaps it would prevent syslog from suppressing duplicate
messages. The problem though is that I am guessing this only applies
to messages coming from the kernel; other processes which talk to
syslog directly will probably still trigger suppression I'm guessing.
For example, several repeated failure messages from sshd will generate
this message:

"last message repeated"

This is basically the situation:


I have never been able to find the official RedHat solution to the
problem, short of rebuilding a custom syslog

Hi Again, sorry I was not very clear or helpful in my message ( I was in a hurry :) )

- the kernel rate_limit is just for kernel messages
- syslog does suppress repeated messages. I don't know what the method is for detecting the repeated messages.. The important point to be aware of is that this is a 'syslog for Linux' feature, and not a Red Hat specific thing. Also it's probably not considered a problem, that is why there is not official Red Hat solution.

I'd consider syslog-ng as it's much more configurable. You won't have to modify syslog at all, and pre-built packages are available for RHEL4.


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