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Building Python modules on FC5, x86_64


When I attempted to install the scipy package on my FC5-x86_64 system
the build failed because the installation procedure was unable to find
several libraries.  These libraries are in fact present, in /usr/lib64,
as sharable libraries.  The installation seems to look for them
in /usr/lib and /lib, assuming that the root prefix is /usr.

I also tried to do a source build of Python 2.5, with a similar result
(this time looking for libBLT, which i present).

The setup procedure appears to be based on Python scripts, and thus
immune to the usual things like 'setenv LDFLAGS -L/usr/lib64' and
searching through Makefiles to find where the configuration is actually
set.  I do not know enough about this procedure yet to track this down.

Can somebody tell me either how to set the configuration, or which
manuals to read?  There is clearly a "well-known" solution, because
working python packages are part of the normal distribution.

Thank you,

Lynn Ten Eyck 

Lynn Ten Eyck <Lynn TenEyck ucd ie>
University College Dublin

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