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Re: Setting up Email Server on RedHat Enterprise

I don't know if you're dead set on using this package but I would recommend using zimbra  www.zimbra.org

There's an OpenSource version as well as supported (pay for)version

It packages and deploys:

LDAP (which can integrate with AD users)

It packages it all and places it in it's own location. It is very easy to configure in fact you can deploy it in 15 20 minutes. There's a shell script which you use to kick off the installer which generates a text based menu to configure options. It will generate ssl certs for you. It uses encryption to authenticate by default but you can also config it to use ssl for the mail too (through the config menu). There are a lot of things it can do.

I've used several packages in the past (eg squirrelmail, OpenGroupware) and tested several other packages recently. The GUI web browser is java (hence the tomcat). There is also a strong CLI environment

If you want a great package this is it. I believe that if you put all the pieces together yourself you still won't have a product that's as good as this. 


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On 1/31/07, Gururaj H S <gururaj hansoge siritech com> wrote:
> Hi,
>     I would like to setup an Email server with following functionality
> Postfix + Dovecot + Openldap + antispam + antivirus + Secure SMTP
> Authentication with TLS ,SASL + Global Address book and
> group calendering.
> Can you please suggest any good documentation where i can find
> installation procedures for all of the above.
> Thanks and Regards
> Gururaj

You can check out the following links:

http://www.ijs.si/software/amavisd/#doc (for spam and virus filtering)

Manish Kathuria
Tux Technologies

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