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Re: Setting up Email Server on RedHat Enterprise

I believe that zimbra also offers the connectors to outlook but I haven't tried it.

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James Marcinek wrote:
> I actually evaluated both and actually started looking at Scalix first. I do like Scalix's GUI installer. However it does not come with antivirus or spamassassin. In addition you have to also have the pre-requisite packages (apache, postfix, etc). I spent the better part of a day installing and uninstalling both. I could not get spamassassin or the anitivirus working with the Scalix. Zimbra bundles it all together and configures it with no pain or fuss. With that said I also think going that route would be easier than putting it all together yourself. It was actually a tough call but in the end the Zimbra was what I went with.
I would have to agree with you, I had the same issues with spamassassin. 
In fact, even after getting spam filtering properly configured, I found 
it more cost effective to outsource the filtering for $20.00 a month.  
If you are in an environment where you still have many windows 
workstations (like me) and users who cannot live without outlook, scalix 
is an easy choice.  If not, zimbra seems much more progressive in terms 
of how information should be managed.

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