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Re: SAN setup - multiple machines

On 7/3/07, Nilesh Bansal <nileshbansal gmail com> wrote:
This partition from is mounted on one of the machines,
which is then exported to rest of 5 machines using NFS.

This is how it is usually done using a SAN. Remember this not a NAS
which has built-in filesystem (NFS).

My question: Is there a reason why the SAN hosted partition can not be
mounted by multiple machines.

A SAN slice acts like a physical drive - you wouldn't wanna connect
one single HDD to multiple computer.

Are there any
locking issues (files being modified simultaneously) than SAN can not

yup. You need something like NFS, AFS, GFS, Lustre, or DFS to allow
multiple machines to access the same storage.

May I ask why you want connect multiple machines to the same SAN
slice? Is it for clustering?


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