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Re: SAN setup - multiple machines

Thanks Saqib for your reply.

> Are there any
> locking issues (files being modified simultaneously) than SAN can not
> handle.
yup. You need something like NFS, AFS, GFS, Lustre, or DFS to allow
multiple machines to access the same storage.

What happens if only one host mounts the storage for writing and all
other hosts are read-only.

In our application, the data is stored on one machine and is updated
often. This data is exported to other machines using NFS in a
read-only mode. The problem with NFS is that (I think) it is slow. I
would like to know if read performance from NFS on a gigabit lan is
equivalent to that from a locally attached disk. Our application,
basically a search engine, requires fast reads (iostat shows around
300 tps and 3000 block reads per second).

May I ask why you want connect multiple machines to the same SAN
slice? Is it for clustering?
The setup I mentioned was for user home directories.

Nilesh Bansal.

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