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Re: SAN setup - multiple machines

What happens if only one host mounts the storage for writing and all
other hosts are read-only.

You can't do that either.

In our application, the data is stored on one machine and is updated
often. This data is exported to other machines using NFS in a
read-only mode. The problem with NFS is that (I think) it is slow.

It will be slow. But I have never seen an application that was slow
because of the NFS. At my university I used to manage Objectivity
(true OO database) with data in tera-bytes. I did tests with directly
connecting to the disk array, vs Objectivity DB files served over NFS.
The difference was negligible.

Maybe something is mis-configured. Also take a look at AFS (the IBM
version). It might offer you better performance, but is certainly not


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