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Re: sendmail and maildir format ???

I don't recall if sendmail itself supports maildir or not, but the way I
always did this was to have sendmail use procmail as its delivery agent,
then have procmail deliver to the user maildir.


Jeremy L. Gaddis
Network Administrator
812.330.6156 (w)  812.391.0358 (m)

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Subject: sendmail and maildir format ???

Dear All,
  i have a mail server running sendmail 8.10x with Redhat ES4 and its
workin fine 
  now we have a new domain and want to setup a mail server with sendmail
but i want sendmail to use maildir format not mbox
  Appreciate if anyone can tell me the deatil steps 
  or any good links for the setup of sendmail with maildir format
  thnks n appreciate

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