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Re: sendmail and maildir format ???

First you need a .forward file with something like:

"| /usr/bin/procmail"

You also need a .procmailrc with your procmail rules:


* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes

You can find other procmail filters with google.

Now if you're using Cyrus IMAP, you need to use sieve to filter your incoming mail.

  Alfred Hovdestad, RHCE
  University of Saskatchewan

sylvan dacounha wrote:
Thanks a lot guy for the quick reply..
sendmail by default does not support maildir format ..
  but procmail does support ..
but i like to know how do i let sendmail use procmail as the LDA .... i see that there is only a file in /usr/bin/procmail but no procmail.conf file in /etc or .procmailrc appreciet if u can let me know how to setup sendmail to use procmail as LDA .. with so exmaples or do i have to download procmail from net and install it since i already see a procmail executable in /usr/bin appreciate your help im user redhat enterprise 4 with sendmail 8.13 thnks and apprecite Rgerads simon

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