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RE: RHEL 64 bit installation

Hello Geofrey,

	Probably u can have a look into adaptec scsi drivers provided in
http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/downloads according to ur scsi card. U may
get a .img version of driver so that u can use it as a floppy image.
While installation of RHEL pass the driver through floppy with "linux
dd" boot 

	Hope it helps !


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I have a 64 bit architecture machine with an MS 9161 mainboard which has
an Adaptec 7901x on-board scsi controller. 

An RHEL5 32-bit installation procedure does not detect the scsi devices
so I install onto an internal IDE device. I've tried the following
methods to get the kernel to recognise the scsi devices after this
I download the kernel source file "kernel-2.6.18-8.el5.src.rpm" from
redhat - this matches the installed kernel, I then recompile the kernel
with the following drivers compiled into the kernel (not LKM's):
1. Adaptec AACRAID
2. Adaptec AIC79xx U320 support
(both listed under low-level device drivers). 
Following the recompile, and reboot into the new kernel, the kernel
still cannot see the devices.

Interestingly if I do the same thing as above but instead of using a
Redhat kernel I use the standard and most recent kernel.org kernel, it
works only if the drivers are compiled into the kernel. As LKM's the
devices are not recognised after I manually load the modules.
However, a 64 bit install of RHEL5 neither recognises the drives during
install, nor after a recompile (using the same kernel.org kernel as
above) either as LKM's or compiled into the kernel itself.
I have checked the contents of the initrd image on disc 1 of the RHEL 5
iso's, and confirmed the image does contain the AIC7xxx drivers for this
device, therefore the install should pick up the device I would have
thought and recompilation should not actually be necessary.
I do not understand why neither the initrd image during install, nor a
new Redhat kernel with the drivers compiled into it do not see the

Geofrey Rainey.
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