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RE: ftp connection


Sounds like the user you're connecting as has their
Home directory set to /root. I presume you're attempting 
the ftp login as the root user. If you are, is this necessary?

1. Firstly create a standard test user to see if they
Experience the same error.

2. If there is no error in 1. above, and your problem user is not 
The root user, then check what this problem user's home directory is 
set to by looking for their entry in the /etc/password file.

3. If there is an error in 1. above, then their home directory must
Be set to /root I think, try changing it from /root to /tmp within
/etc/password as a test, and see if ftp then works.

3. If you do need root user to ftp and this can't be avoided, then
Let us know and we'll try and fix that.


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I try to make ftp connection from RedHat 5. under /etc/vsftpd/ directory
i configure ftpusers and user_list but when i try to made ftp i got
below message;

Cannot change directory /root

Does anybody have an idea?


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