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RE: I must be dense....


Geez, my server is still at 6.3... 

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A few years ago, I set up the box that I use for a firewall/router,
running RH9, as  my printserver. Well, earlier this year, I had a hard
drive crash, and had to rebuild the box. Now I'm trying to set it up
again for the same. I
*must* be dense, or going senile, but I have yet to figure it out. Do I
    1) use redhat-config-printer?
    2) if so, do I tell it local printer, or Unix print server(lpd)?
    3) if the former, how do I tell CUPS to use it, and advertise it to
	other systems on my network, and to actually pass requests to it
	to be printed, rather than have them go to nowhere?
    4) if the latter, do I tell it to use cups, or what?

	mark "I'll get back to googling in the morning"

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